Pandora beads and Pandora charms
The reason to love Pandora

I do have quite a collection on Pandora beads and Pandora charms.
that I’ve been getting throughout the years as you know gifts presents from my husband from my family.

I’m very excited,because I love Pandora beads and bracelets.
they are so beautiful and I love how you can really personalize the bracelet on it it’s a Pandora box and some of them are one of their newest charms that have recently come out like a new collection,so I’m really excited.

Pandora beads and Pandora charms

because I love those okay,I got is a little perfume,bottle that says Pandora and it has a little rhinestone at the.
top it says the Pandora,on both sides and it has like little rhinestones,all throughout the bottle the next bead.

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